This page provides background on our employees and partners.


Larry Reising
President and CEO
B.S. Mechanical Engineering,
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt,
ISO 9001 Architect and Lead Auditor, Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Root Cause Analysis.

World Interplay, LLC was founded by Larry Reising, a 29 year veteran of the Aerospace industry.  He has been using and/or instructing advanced forms of RCA for over 15 years to analyze causes and find effective solutions/risk controls for accidents, safety issues, quality escapes and ISO 9001 Quality System issues.

Mr. Reising was inspired by a serendipitous series of events and assignments, starting 1999 when he took his first course on root cause analysis.  Mr. Reising has gained a rare perspective on the causes of organizational function (and dysfunction).  This perspective has manifested itself in a calling to convey this knowledge to others.

Mr. Reising's experience in the aerospace industry has also given him a background in:

  • Design, analysis, testing and troubleshooting of complex systems

  • Accident/incident analysis and resolution

  • Program and Project Management

  • Auditing of aerospace manufacture's production and quality systems

  • Designing, deploying, auditing and registering ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management Systems

  • System Safety, including Organizational Accident theories

  • Training, including the development of training materials & videos.

Mr. Reising is based in Issaquah, Washington.

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